Hike CEO says, Messenger App is much cooler than Airtel!

Hike CEO says, Messenger App is much cooler than Airtel!


The founder of Hike Messenger app and his son, who is the chairman of Bharti Corporation Sunil Mittal made his remarks about his father’s company saying that he doesn’t think that the company is cool. In a recent interview, when he was asked that which company he thinks is cooler one, opted for Hike while making a smile on his face.

While speaking at the summit of the Digital India in 2017, he stated while mentioning about the target audience of the app that the online Indian Culture Is quite young yet. About 80% of the total internet users are under the age of 35, and this fact makes it very interesting about the young online platform in the country. For Hike, most of its users are from colleges and schools. The company owns 140 to 150 million active users on a daily basis only in India, and about 85 to 90 million people out of them are college and school going. Also, they are far active as compared to other users and spend most of the time while holding their smart devices in their hands.

When he was asked about the suggestion that he would like to make for a telecom firm or an impure play digital business, he responded that the issues are users don’t understand how disturbing the internet is. It is as disturbing as the industrial revolution happened back in the past. The internet made the distribution free.

Meanwhile, in 2016, India has grown the huge messaging platform i.e. Hike Messenger, which was released with the video call feature for its users. The app, whose preliminary target audience is young people, claimed that the video call experience of this app would be amazing, reliable, highly qualified and simpler to use. The video call feature of Hike is pretty easy and works with the single tap which is integrated into the message conversations with the friends.

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This feature has been made for building the reliance, and high-quality video calling that serves even in the complex network conditions, including with the good quality 2G, the company mentioned in the press release. Another important feature is the updated Messenger, Live Caller Preview, which allows the user to preview the live video before he answers to the call. The Hike messenger management feels that this feature has added much fun to the video calling technology.

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